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National Grid Simulation and Pylon kit

National Grid Simulation

Electricity in our homes is 240V, so why not transmit it at this voltage, rather than the 11,000V to 400,000V used on overhead power lines? The answer is energy loss – this is much greater at low voltages, hence electricity is transported around the country at very high voltages. This apparatus is a ‘scaled-down’ version which demonstrates the principle at safe voltages. 



▪Touch proof, locking high voltage connectors

▪Clear lids allow pupils to see how it works and trace the circuit

▪Indicators for low and high voltage

▪Resistance wires can be connected to either the high or low voltage for comparison of lamp brightness and energy losses

▪By gripping the insulated cables, students can feel when and where the energy is being lost, mainly as heat

▪Complete with two boxes (transmit and receive), insulated resistance wires, two mounted SBC lamps and full instructions



Pylon kit



Following the display of the above at the ASE AGM, many delegates asked whether the pylons in the demonstration could be supplied. Therefore, due to public demand, a kit of parts is available with instructions and glue, to make up two pylons, identical to the ones showed in the above picture.